Kate Lappin: Glamour sister Kim helped me lose 10 stone

My glamour model sister helped me lose 10 stone
Kate before she lost weight (Picture: Medavia)

For years, Kate Lappin hated herself for piling on the weight.

She would shun parties as she was too ashamed to be seen in public and once faked a panic attack on a trip to a theatre when she found she could not fit in her seat.

But when she looked to her model sister, Kim, for inspiration she turned her life around.

‘I hated myself for a long time, and struggled with so many issues to do with food, that I wasn’t ready to make lasting change for a long time,’ said 32-year-old Kate.

Sister act: Kate Lappin, who once weighed 20st, is now happy in her body – all thanks to sister Kim (Picture: Medavia)

Following the death of their step- father, Kate ballooned and, by the end of 2010, she tipped the scales at 127kg (20st) and was a size 22. Her misery was made worse as Kim was embarking on a modelling career.

‘I knew that if my stepdad was looking down he would be upset to see me in the state I was,’ said Kate, from Warrington.

The carer went on a strict veggie diet, ditching her breakfast of four slices of toast with jam and a typical lunch of spaghetti bolognese.

Within a month, she had lost 19kg (3st) and now weighs 60kg (9st 7lb) and can fit into size 8 clothing.

Super-proud sister Kim said: ‘Kate used to ask me why she couldn’t be beautiful like me, which broke my heart, as to me she always was.’

Inspiration: Proud sister Kim (Picture: Medavia)
Inspiration: Proud sister Kim (Picture: Medavia)

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