Kitchen Drawer Full Of Crap Fast Approaching Maximum Capacity

Domestic News: A kitchen drawer stuffed with random items of crap is fast approaching its maximum capacity, the worried owners have acknowledged.


“When that drawer is full, everyone in this house is in big trouble,” said concerned resident Daniel Starzyzna, 48. “Where else will I be able to keep instructions for crap I’ve bought, gas bills, broken biros, pizza menus and old sets of keys that unlock God knows what.”

Starzyzna says he first noticed the drawer was reaching its peak capacity several months ago, when he was unable to close or open it easily.

“You just don’t think this kind of thing can ever happen to you, and that the drawer will just keep on accepting these random items of tat forever,” he tearfully explained.

“Then one day some bits of paper fell out the back of the drawer into the cupboard below. I knew then we were living on borrowed time.”

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