Latest Big Hero 6 trailer shows how different film and comic are (Wired UK)

Disney’s Big Hero 6 – Official US Trailer 2Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney has unveiled the latest trailer for
its upcoming animated adventure Big Hero 6. The first
full-length trailer to focus on the team as a whole, it gives
viewers their first real look at the weird characters making up the
unlikely superhero group.

largely explores the creation of Baymax, the
balloon-like robot that serves as carer and
best friend for young protagonist Hiro Hamada. Built by Hiro’s
elder brother Tadashi, Baymax (voiced by 30 Rock’s 
Scott Adsit) is the last link Hiro has to his missing sibling. It
also highlights the team’s other members, Fredzilla, Wasabi, Honey
Lemon, and GoGo Tamago. However, the clip shows just how far
removed the film will be from the Marvel comic on which it is

We already knew Big Hero 6  was abandoning the
original setting of Tokyo for the fictional (and Americanised) San
Fransokyo, and that the team will now be multi-ethnic rather than
wholly Japanese. It’s now also clear that Hiro
provides the other members with their powers via robotic
battlesuits he builds, rather than each having their own origins
and abilities, and that personalities are rather different.

Although Tamago (Jamie Chung) remains blunt and forthright,
matching her impatience as a superspeedster, and Wasabi (Damon
Wayans, Jr.) remains serious and pragmatic (if a little more
neurotic than his printed counterpart), Honey (Génesis Rodriguez)
has gone from ganguro party
 to quiet, nerdy whizkid, and Fred (T.J. Miller) is
now more of a surf bum than the stoic type he once was.

Marvel’s editor in chief, Axel Alonso recently confirmed to Comic Book Resources that the film is so different to the
comic version that there won’t even be the familiar raft of comic
book tie-ins to coincide with the release of the film, partly
because parent company Disney doesn’t want to confuse the audience.
The film also won’t carry Marvel branding.

Directed by Don
and Chris
and with a creative team that’s worked on the likes of
The Emperor’s New Groove and Frozen, Big Hero
has the talent behind it to be a great family movie, with
the apparent death of Tadashi giving it a more tragic, poignant
air. It’s definitely going to be its own beast though, and hardcore
comics fans should temper expectations.

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