Leaked Surface Duo 2 images show a three lens camera

YouTube: Tech Rat

Microsoft is expected to jump back into the foldable phone game this fall, and leaked images appear to give us an idea of what we can look for in the upcoming Surface Duo 2. The source of the images is unknown, but Windows Central called them credible

The photos show a three lens camera inside a typical camera bump — a stark change from the original Surface Duo, which lacked a rear camera at all in pursuit of a smoother, folding experience. They also reveal both white and black color options. 

Windows Central noted the possible presence of frosted glass on the front and the lack of the fingerprint reader found on the side of the first Surface Duo. The blog expects it to be included in the power button. Windows Central also listed possible high end specs for the Duo 2, including a Snapdragon 888 processor and built-in 5G. They claim a possible September or October timeframe for shipping.

The first Surface Duo didn’t have many high end specs, and disappointed CNET’s reviewer Scott Stein. He liked the design and promise of the device, but noted its many bugs and frustrating usage. Hopefully this second model can fulfill more of the promise of the first. 

Microsoft did not immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment. 

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2021-07-27 18:41:14 – Source: cnet.com