Leonardo DiCaprio wants to find the world’s loneliest whale, donates $50k for search : TreeHugger

After breaking records by pledging $7 million to ocean conservation causes last year, which was on top of $3 million that he had already donated to Oceana, Good Guy Leo struck again, doing his part to help raise awareness about our threatened oceans.

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Actor Adrian Grenier and director Josh Zeman were trying to raise money on Kickstarter for a documentary about a rare hybrid whale that sings on a frequency that other whales don’t understand (around 52 hertz, which is higher than blue whales and fin whales). It is believed that he’s spent all his life alone, making him the loneliest whale

They were about to miss their funding goal when, during the last 24-hour stretch, a $50,000 donation came from DiCaprio and saved the day, helping push the project over the finish line. In fact, this probably has attracted more attention, because smaller donations also picked up and the project is now $105k over the original $300k goal.

Here’s the backstory behind the search for the loneliest whale:

Kickstarter/Promo image

You can see a trailer for the film here:

I can’t wait to see the complete film. Thanks, Leo!

Kickstarter/Promo image

Via Kickstarter, MNN

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12 March 2015 | 6:45 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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