Lifeboat crew from Devon’s Teignmouth Quay act like cowboys as they lasso a runaway speedboat after the skipper was thrown overboard

It looks like the Wild West is coming to Britain.

This lifeboat crew were called out after Peter Channing, 66, was thrown from his boat after accidentally hitting the throttle.

Mr Channing had already taken out the kill chord, a safety mechanism that cuts the engine if the skipper falls overboard, and the boat started circling dangerously in Devon’s Teignmouth Quay.

Luckily this gutsy lifeboat crew’s quick thinking brought the ordeal to an end that John Wayne would be proud of.

They managed to lasso the wild buck (sorry, boat) before one of the seamen daringly reached in to switch it off.

Watch this lifeboat crew become cowboys as they lasso runaway speedboat


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