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Little Ginny is a meme in Toronto, where a couple of years ago, the deputy Mayor objected to family housing in downtown condos, suggesting that it was no place to raise kids. He complained:

As far as raising your children downtown, maybe some people wish to do that. I think most people wouldn’t. I mean, I could just see now: ‘Where’s little Ginny?’ ‘Well, she’s downstairs playing in the traffic on her way to the park!

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In fact, the latest census data in the States show that big cities are having the greatest growth in small children, Boston, Washington and New York City in the top ten. (Fort Lauderdale is first). According to Jed Kolko of Trulia,

The punchline: millennial population growth in 2012-2013 in big, dense cities was outpaced by big-city suburbs and lower-density cities and even by lower-density suburbs and smaller cities. Boomer growth in big, dense cities also fell just short of growth in the big-city suburbs and lower-density cities. But the population of kids under the age of 5 grew fastest in big, dense cities.

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Contrary to what a lot of people (including me) have been saying, the millenials are not flocking to the big cities, but to smaller cities in primarily in the south and southwest. The boomers are all moving to Austin and Raleigh.

But little Ginny? She’s a big city girl.

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