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What’s better than bike sharing? More bike sharing!

New York City’s Citi Bike brings great benefits to the city, making it easier and more convenient to thousands of people – including tourists – to move around the city under their own power, on two wheels. I think every city above a certain size should have a bike share, and many cities that already have some could expand them to better serve their citizens. NYC is doing the latter, recently adding the location of over 100 new bike share stations that are “coming soon” to its map app, as you can see on the image above. The locations are clustered in Brooklyn, Long Island City, and between 59th Street and 86th Street in Manhattan, with the exact locations being based on public consultations.

Here’s a bigger version of the same map, since it might be a bit hard to see above:

Citi Bike /Screen capture

And this is just one more step along the way: Even more new stations are planned in 2016 and 2017 (it’s clear that there are still parts of the map that are not served).

Last summer I wrote about bike share statistics in the U.S., and while I don’t have the updated numbers, they were very encouraging:

After about 23 million rides since 2007, there are still zero fatalities from bike-sharing. Just in New York City with Citi Bike, only 40 people needed medical attention after 10.3 million rides. There are about 10.5 crashes with or without injury per 1 million trips.

The number of fatalities won’t stay zero forever (it’s the law of large numbers), but imagine how much safer things could be if our streets were really designed to be shared with cyclists!

Above is a visualization of the Citi Bike data for a few days last September. You might not see much activity at the beginning of the video, but it’s because it starts in the middle of the night. If you wait – or fast forward – to the next morning, you’ll see the map light up as people commute to work.

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