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Happy birthday to the London Eye (see below).

Happy birthday to the London Eye (see below)

  • Boris Johnson thinks Kent can take 215,000 new homes for Londoners. Kent is all, like, not bloody likely.
  • Pay talks over running the tube all night at weekends aren’t going well.
  • Excellent Dave Hill article on the complicated background behind the Cressingham Gardens regeneration dispute.
  • There was a fire in Bowes Park this morning — check your smoke alarm, folks.
  • Never rains but it pours at London Bridge, it seems: a broken down freight train is causing more problems at the station. (Word on the street is trains have been fusing the signals…)
  • It’s the London Eye’s 15th birthday, and one capsule’s been given a ‘tattoo’ by artist Jamie Cullen.
  • The prime minister has announced 25 new free schools for London.
  • Nominees for the Olivier Awards are out (can we be biased and say we’re rooting for King Charles III?).
  • Deserter goes on a second round of visiting south London’s arts holes.

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