London Short Fiction: London Falls


Our brief fiction collection continues. This month’s particular theme is London Razed, visions of the town’s destruction prior to now, current or future. This week, Liz Hedgecock unleashes a digital wipeout.

London Falls

‘Come on, Angela, it’s loaded!’

‘Ugh. Do I should?’ Angela swung her legs down from Mike’s sleep pod and padded throughout to the display.

‘Yes! It’s in P-participant! The visor’s proper right here…’ Mike waved it at her, over his shoulder.

Great. Already I’ve misplaced his full consideration.

‘Whatever…OK what do I should do?’

‘You destroy stuff. Extra factors for fashion. Your job is to flatten the town. Here it comes!’

‘Hm.’ Angela pulled the visor over her eyes. This had higher be good.

London Falls…The purple, white and blue title pale out and all of the sudden they have been in the midst of a spot she knew from historical past classes. ‘Wow! Look, the Gherkin!’

‘Oh sure!’ Mike threw a frisbee at it. It sliced neatly via the bottom of the constructing.

‘Woah! What did you do? What was that?’ Angela grabbed his arm. ‘Why isn’t it shifting?’

‘Clean minimize.’ Mike turned and grinned at her however she couldn’t see his eyes behind the visor. ‘It gained’t transfer till one thing forces it to.’

‘Like one other constructing? Or the wind?

‘Yeah.’ Mike snapped the Shard off and waved it round. ‘I might simply hit it with this however that’s solely a thousand factors.’

‘Hmm.’ Angela seemed throughout the river. ‘Hang on. Pass me the Shard.’ She pinged the London Eye off its mooring and balanced it on its rim. ‘I want to pay attention.’

Angela started to bowl the Eye like a hoop. She took it over Waterloo Bridge and turned down the Embankment. The noise was ear splitting. The pods cracked and broke off, crushing automobiles and other people.

Mike watched in awe.


‘Well, this can be a special approach.’ Lily watched the Eye scrape previous, tapped by the Shard. ‘Look, Jake, Mike’s received some new strikes! Or — no! It’s a brand new Player P!’ She ducked into an alley as a pod rolled in the direction of them. When it had crashed safely into the Bank of England she peered by means of the mud cloud. ‘Angela. That’s what her identify is.’


‘Look, hovering over her head.’ Through the smoke they noticed the Eye join. The Gherkin rocked, seemed as if it’d settle, after which the breeze from the river caught it, and the Gherkin toppled, very slowly, onto the Baltic Exchange. The London Eye, launched from management, skidded slightly on the tarmac, then spun on the spot like a coin, driving outlets, after which lamp posts, individuals, parking meters and automobiles into the bottom again and again, earlier than coming to relaxation on prime of them.

20,000 factors floated into the air.

Lily checked that her gun was loaded and slung one other ammo belt over her shoulder. ‘Come on Jake, we have to go and put up a battle.’

Jake shrugged. ‘Why?’

‘Because she’s the most effective one we’ve seen! She’s approach higher than Mike and that is her first go. If it’s too straightforward she’ll lose curiosity after which — nicely, that might be worse than Stacey, if Mike will get bored too!’

‘What are you on about?’

‘Why do I even hassle explaining?’ Over and over once more. You’re not a named character within the recreation. You don’t have a reminiscence. You left your pockets on the corridor desk that day, so that you had no ID once they picked up what was left of you afterwards. Nothing to match you with. My purse was in my bag. Shame my driving licence photograph was taken on a nasty hair day, however a minimum of I have a reputation, and a reminiscence. Even if this isn’t what I thought I’d be utilizing it for.

‘If they don’t play the sport, we don’t exist!’

‘What recreation?’


‘How many?’

Mike held up Nelson’s column and counted the row of homes speared alongside its size. ‘Eight.’

‘Yes! I nonetheless rule…Ow! What was that?’ Angela frowned, rubbed her heel, and appeared down.

A purple Routemaster bus was reversing down Whitehall. As she watched, it stopped, then accelerated into her foot.

‘What the -’. She tried to seize the bus however her fingers have been too giant to understand it. ‘Mike, I’m being attacked by a bus and I can’t catch it! What do I do?’

Mike flicked his home kebab into the Thames. ‘You have to go smaller. There’s a wheel on the left aspect of the visor.’ He scanned the panorama, in search of bungalows.

Angela felt for the wheel and clicked it down. Suddenly she was on a degree with the buildings and — too small! Now she was smaller than the bus! And it was coming for her once more! She dodged left and it ploughed previous her. The brakes squealed, and it reversed, on the lookout for her. She might see a person behind the wheel however his face was pixelated. A lady with a cloud of curly hair was grabbing his arm.

‘GET BIGGER!’ Mike’s voice boomed and echoed off the stone frontages as he towered over her. He may step on me. Angela’s hand trembled as she discovered the wheel and clicked it upwards. She sat down on the Ministry of Defence and gasped for breath.

‘The individuals…they tried to kill me.’

‘Well, what do you anticipate?’ She couldn’t learn Mike’s expression behind his visor.

‘What would occur if..?’

‘Probably nothing. Maybe we get thrown out of the sport.’ Mike shrugged. ‘I don’t know. It’s by no means occurred.’

Angela shivered. ‘Let’s get out. I don’t like this.’ She pulled her visor off, blinked, and pulled the cartridge out of the machine.

‘NO!’ Mike lunged, too late. ‘You don’t do this, you push this primary! It’s an vintage, you could respect it.’ He tried to push the cartridge again in however the damaged plastic casing jammed within the console.

‘Oh properly.’ He threw the cartridge into the bin. ‘There goes London.’

Copyright, Liz Hedgecock, 2014. @lizhedgecock. Image by M@.

We’re nonetheless on the lookout for London brief fiction tales. Over the subsequent month or two, as a particular theme, we’re notably in search of tales by which London is destroyed. Please ship submissions to Entries have to be not more than M,000 phrases, and have to be set in London, or strongly impressed by the town. Full details here.

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