London Short Fiction: The Conqueror


Our brief fiction collection proceeds. This present unique style is London Razed, visions of the city’s damage in the past, existing or future. Today, Rebecca Sams takes a famous London item.

The Conqueror

I am a conqueror, I am a master; I have actually taken London Rock. I have it right here in my mum’s dropped in Hastings, concealed behind a corroded lawnmower and 5 bags of Quik Gro turf seed. I listen to on the information that it’s drizzling in London. Drizzling and drizzling and drizzling.

***’Rush the screw up’, hissed Ian impatiently, floating alongside the National Lotto stand.

I was on my knees behind the publication shelf, the area providing titles on ways to enhance your Curriculum Vitae, time administration abilities and meeting efficiency. Anxious perspiration had actually filled my tee shirt and my latex-gloved hands trembled a little as the last screw released.

‘I’m practically done.’

I went down the screwdriver, raised the structure far from the wall surface and placed it away. I got to in, thoroughly got rid of the Rock and passed it to Ian. He placed it down and handed me the duplicate. It sufficed. It would certainly be a while prior to anybody saw. I changed the structure which was it. No stress sensing units, no alarm systems, no armageddon.

Ian covered the initial in bubblewrap and zoomed it into my mum’s eco-friendly natural leather travel suitcase. We cleaned up and he allowed me out onto Salters Venue Court.

‘Right, I would certainly much better go and transform the cams back on,’ he claimed. ‘Provide me a ring later on.’

He changed the quantity on his radio and aligned his connection. He looked exhausted.

I, on the various other hand, really felt energised; accuseded of adrenaline. I dragged the travel suitcase down onto Cannon Road and started looking for a taxi. I would certainly been back in that unpleasant shithole for long sufficient. It was 4am and it had actually begun to drizzle.

*** London was sinking. For 3 days it had actually been drizzling and drizzling and drizzling. This was my vengeance.

Eventually the Thames would certainly rise and spill out over the embankments, over the cobbles and split paving rocks, over the parks and squares. The city would certainly be deserted and, in time, totally immersed. London would certainly end up being a fantastic lake; an undersea historical amusement park.

Diving scuba divers would certainly swim around the damages, checking out little oral plaque buildups and aiming. Possibly a person would certainly plonk a huge dome over the entire point, like a crown jewel division of Facility Parcs.

Ian thought that we would certainly offer the Rock silently, to some unethical overseas billionaire, and never ever need to function once again. However he’s not precisely the sharpest saber in the armoury. Exactly what did he believe we were visiting do, place an advertisement on fucking Gumtree? At institution, all he ever before appreciated was soccer, thieving his mum’s fags and attempting to convince Amber Nicholls to allow him touch her up. He was fortunate to move that safety task after the authorities binned him off. As a matter of fact, at this specific moment, he was a genuine fucking success tale compared with me.

‘Introduce me a tea, would certainly you like.’

‘Not now, Mum.’

‘Take place, I’m run-down from Aqua Zumba. You cannot rest regarding moping all the time.’

‘I’m not moping.’

‘Oh Alex, you’ll discover one more task passion. You might constantly ask at M&S in the area. June’s child’s a supervisor there– I could have a word with her if you desire?’

I overlooked her however pressed myself up from the flower armchair and tracked into the corridor where practically every square inch of wall surface is coveringed in mounted pictures, mainly of my sibling. I searched for at her in different states of achievement and attempted not to really feel harsh. I was 34 years of ages and an amazing failing.

Over a photo of Sarah on a Shetland horse there’s a blown-up among my daddy and his angling watercraft, taken a year approximately prior to he sank. He’s filling in front of it like he’s Captain fucking Chef. Whenever I take a look at it, I wish to shatter the structure, burn the picture and eliminate intermittent map of him from your home.

I made mum a tea, kissed her on the cheek and informed her I was heading out.

*** On the bus into community I rested beside a having an odor old guy. The mix of perspiration, draft beer and basic maritime foulness advised me of daddy and I held my breath.

I climbed up Castle Hillside Roadway and rested for a while on the lawn in between the castle damages and the entry to the caverns. The bay was listed below me; the angling fleet, the coastline, the insane golf and the trampolines. To the right, contemporary of view, were the damages of the boat dock. This was my kingdom now.

I took out my phone. It would certainly been on soundless and I had actually 3 missed out on phone calls; 2 unidentified and one from Anita. There was likewise a voicemail and a couple of e-mails. I paid attention to the voicemail initially.

‘It’s me,’ came her acquainted voice and my tummy stumbled.

‘Look, I have actually been believing and … well … I intend to attempt and function this out. I indicate, I like you and I understand points have actually been tough however we could make it through it. If you still intend to, that is … Look, I’ll attempt you once again later on, however simply consider it, ok? Bye.’

Afterwards, all I can view was her face; her stunning eco-friendly eyes, her soft, dull skin and her brief, dark red hair.

When I ultimately overlooked to inspect the e-mails, I blinked a couple of times to make certain I had not been mistaken since there, sandwiched in between an upgrade from Londonist and the most recent e-newsletter from London Historians, was a real meeting invite. Not a meeting with an employer however a real fucking meeting for a real fucking task administration task with an IT working as a consultant in Farringdon.

I rested there on capital and started to really feel outrageous. Perhaps London had not been so bad nevertheless. Perhaps every little thing truly would be ok.

I stood and called Ian.

‘Found a person to purchase it?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I claimed. ‘We need to place it back.’

Copyright, Rebecca Sams, 2014. Picture of London Rock by Past London in the Londonist Flickr swimming pool.

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