Londoner Rob Holden’s 36 hour ‘Boris’ bike journey to New York and back shown in new film

It’s surprising how much you can do in 36 hours.

In that time Londoner Rob Holden flew to New York and hired a ‘Boris’ bike equivalent before taking it up the toughest mountain in the area and then returning home.

The 47-year-old hit the headlines last year when he took one of the rented bikes from the capital and pedalled it up the most difficult stage of the Tour de France, before returning it just seconds before the 24-hour rental period was up.

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Londoner's 36 hour 'Boris' bike journey to New York and back shown in new film
Rob Holden during the tough journey (Picture: SWNS)

This year, for his new trick, he decided to go one better.

His transatlantic challenge saw him cover almost 8,000 miles in just 36 hours, including a gruelling bike ride on Mount Washington, which is so tough it’s normally closed to cyclists.

Rob pushed himself to the limit as he pedalled up 6,288ft.

Rob Holden, Boris bike
The ride was gruelling (Picture: SWNS)

Geologist Rob, of Richmond upon Thames, south west London, said: ‘It was so much steeper than the Mont Ventoux making it quite a few levels harder.

‘People even get scared driving up it. I didn’t know if I was going to make it up there, but when I did I was ecstatic.’

Things did not run completely smoothly for Rob and his three pals, Matt Winstone, Ian Laurie and Jay Whitfield.

The Brits were pulled over by police just minutes after they loaded the hire bike into a pickup truck in New York City because the copper thought they were stealing it.

Mr Holden took the challenge in July to raise money for cancer charities Macmillan and Livestrong but a film of the journey has just been posted on YouTube by Airspace Media.

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Start at Heathrow at 7pm on July 10

Flight from Heathrow to JFK – 7hrs 15mins

Car and bike rental in NYC – 1hr

Drive to Mt Washington – 7hrs

Cycle up Mt Washington – 2hrs 15mins

Drive back to JFK – 9hrs 15mins

Check in at JFK – 2hrs

Flight back to Heathrow – 6hrs 45mins

End at Heathrow at 6:30am on July 12

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