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Range anxiety? What’s that?

Plug-in vehicles might still be in their awkward, teenager growth phase, but public charging stations are multiplying like acne (how’s that for a metaphor!). If you don’t drive an electric vehicle and have never looked into it too much, you might think that finding a place to charge when taking a longer trip might be hard, but the reality is otherwise. Take the UK, for example. They’re just now reaching 10,000 registered EVs for the whole country, but they already have 6276 charging points spread over 2570 stations, with more being added every week, as you can see the graph below:

Zap-Map/Screen capture

That’s over 1 public charging point for every 2 EVs, and of course that’s not counting all the private places where you can charge (ie. your driveway, a friend’s garage, etc).

Notice in the second graph that slow charging stations are relatively stable and the growth mostly comes from the fast kind. That’s great, and it shows how the market is maturing a little bit. Eventually, fast charging stations should be available almost everywhere and slow ones will only be used for emergencies or overnight charges, when speed doesn’t really matter.

So it’s great to have thousands of options, but how do you find the one closest to you? How do you know what type of station it is? That’s where Zap-Map comes in. It gives you a map of the whole UK with the location of all known public charging stations, labelled by type (from slow 3kW ones to very fast 50kW+ DC). You can search by postcode, narrow things down only to fast stations or to certain connector types (Type 1, Type 2, Tesla, JEVS, CCS, etc), etc.

It’s all very easy to do. I think the main thing that is missing is an app for smartphones, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was in the works.

Zap-Map/Screen capture

Above you can see London’s charging stations.

Via Zap-Map

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16 June 2014 | 6:25 pm – Source: treehugger.com

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