Mad about their pet! Dog owner transforms kennel into replica of home while he’s away

This is the ultimate kennel for a dog while owner is away
Igor the bulldog in his kennel (Picture: Mercury)

Many pet owners struggle with going on holiday as they can’t bear to put their dogs in kennels.

That was the dilemma facing Kai Halvorsen when he wanted to take his family on a trip to Thailand but felt guilty about leaving Igor his bulldog behind.

So, to ease the pain for both himself and his dog, he had a pound decorated to look exactly like their family living room in Norway. The down-in-the-mouth bulldog soon perked up when he saw Labben

Kennels had accommodation painted in the same colours as his favourite room.

Pic shows..  When the thought of leaving Igor the bulldog in kennels dawned on a family whose holiday was coming up they were worried the dog would not be comfortable in his temporary home.  So to make him feel like he was back lying on the couch at home in Norway, the kennel was transformed into a replica of the living room he was used to.  The treat for Igor has become a viral sensation on YouTube with more than 300,000 hits and Norwegian painting and decorating firm Jordan helped out with a lick of paint and the furniture.  See copy
Igor and his family (Picture: Mercury)

Mr Halvorsen also made sure family photos decorated the walls and Igor had a replica of his favourite sofa to sleep on.

‘We had a bad experience a few years earlier with another dog in another kennel. This made my girlfriend very worried about how it would work out this time,’ he said. ‘But I noticed Igor jumped straight on the sofa and made himself comfortable so I knew instantly that he would have a good time while we were away.’ Children Max, ten, Hedda, 11, and Kasper, eight, were delighted.

Mr Halvorsen’s girlfriend Ann-Kristin Hauge, 39, said: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved.’

Igor’s holiday home is a YouTube hit with more than 300,000 views.

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