Mad British inventor and youtube star Colin Furze successfully fires a fart gun from Dover so loud it can be heard in France

A British inventor has finally realised his dream of firing a ‘fart gun’ out of a massive model bum towards France.

Colin Furze, who has gained internet fame by super-powering mobility scooters and creating a toilet you can drive, wanted to see if he could create something loud enough that the French could hear it.

After many hours in his shed he created a pulse jet and fixed it to a giant model bum (because pulse jets sound like farts, apparently).

A crowd of people turned out to watch him fire the machine from the cliffs of Dover at the unsuspecting French, while an accomplice across the Channel confirmed a ‘muffled mumbling’ could be heard from across the water.

Inventor realises dream of firing bum-shaped 'fart gun' towards France
Colin furze, looking happy with himself (Picture: Youtube / Colin Furze)

The crazy stunt has even been given its own theme tune after British punk band March to the Grave recorded the song fart@thefrench to honour Furze’s achievement.

Furze, whose day job is as a plumber, has amassed more than half a million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Watch him assemble the pulse jet in his garden shed here:

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