Make A Hearing-Impaired Feel Better Through Attention

Make A Hearing-Impaired Feel Better Through AttentionIf you or any of your friends or relatives have got hearing problem, then you might have realized how frustrating it is to be hearing impaired. It is not possible for everyone to understand the problem every time, and that may cause trouble while conversing. Though there are lots of options which they can try in order to reduce their hearing trouble. They can try digital hearing aids and other accessories too. However, there are certain ways through which you can help a hearing impaired person. Your few small steps can make the conversation very easy for both speaker and listener and make your conversation more effective.

  • Always keep in mind that deaf and hearing impaired people are very intelligent. Hence, you should always talk to them in a proper way. Don’t just treat them like a child just because they have got hearing trouble. You need to make sure that you don’t forget his/her disability without treating them in that way. Never loose your patience even if they don’t understand your words more than twice or thrice.
  • Speak louder, not slower. A person who is hearing impaired may need a loud voice, but they are able to understand your words quickly. Hence, it’s always better if you talk in normal pace. If you just speak very slowly then it doesn’t improve understanding, it may irritate both people while having a conversation.
  • Keep in mind that some hard of hearing people can lip read. Always face them while speaking and don’t hide your mouth with your hands while talking. Incase, you are dining with a hearing impaired person then always sit in front of them. If possible then book your table in advance where your loud voice will not interrupt other people.
  • If you are visiting a hearing impaired person’s house, then always be cautious. Make sure that you speak loudly, but not to an extent that it may interrupt other people. Avoid loud volume while watching television or listening to radio. Remember, it’s their home so you need to be very careful about the situation. As mentioned earlier, never make them feel that you are treating them carefully just because of their disability.
  • Try to be an advocate to the hearing impaired people.  Do your best and try to figure out different methods to make yourself understood. If your one process fails then with another one, never feel irritated and don’t just give up. If a hearing impaired person feels demotivate because of his/her disability then you should cheer them up and make them feel good. Hearing impaired people are really worthy of your time and consideration. Don’t let yourself be dismissive just because they are hearing impaired. Always have respect for them and be calm while conversing with them.

Always keep yourself in their shoes and understand their feeling, how it feels to live with a disability. Above mentioned steps are very easy to apply and if you really implement them when you are with a hearing impaired person then it will really work a lot. Your tiny steps and a bit of attention can make someone feel better.

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