Malnourished sea lion found hidden under car in San Francisco

Malnourished sea lion found hidden under car in San Francisco
Aww (Picture: Adam Ratner/The Marine Mammal Center via AP)

This adorable sea lion pup was rescued after he escaped the ocean and was found exploring the streets of San Francisco earlier this week.

The young sea lion, which was named ‘Rubbish’ by animal shelter volunteers, was found hiding underneath a car in the Marina District of San Francisco on Thursday evening.

After police and animal rescue crews were called to the scene, the plucky mammal was reluctantly coaxed from the vehicle, with amazed passers-by filming the dramatic rescue.

But it isn’t the first time that the sea lion pup ventured away from the ocean, with reports suggesting that Rubbish was found washed up on the shore earlier this year, suffering from pneumonia and severe malnourishment.

This photo provided by The Marine Mammal Center shows a sea lion pup at the Center in Sausalito, Calif., after its rescue from a San Francisco street Thursday, April 30, 2015. Video from the Marine Mammal Center shows the male sea lion nicknamed Rubbish hiding under a car and waddling away from rescuers. They eventually got a net around the pup, moved it into a crate and took it to the center. KNTV reports that a veterinarian there recognized Rubbish, who also was rescued in Santa Barbara in February. Then, he was treated for pneumonia and malnutrition. (Sarah van Schagen/The Marine Mammal Center via AP)
He’s now looking a lot more healthy (Picture: Sarah van Schagen/The Marine Mammal Center via AP)

This time around, he was released back into the wild after a big feed resulted in him gaining a healthy 17 pounds.

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He’ll now be kept under observation by volunteers, but environmentalists have warned that his plight is part of a bigger problem – with hundreds of abandoned sea lion pups washing up on the Californian shores this year due to diminishing food sources.

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