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This new Canadian startup offers fabulous winter parkas and bombers that are entirely ethical and vegan.

Did you know it takes on average two geese and one coyote to make a winter parka? A new company in Toronto, called Mammoth Outerwear, thinks that is wrong. Mammoth is on a mission to show the world that warmth does not have to be synonymous with animal cruelty, and that a high-quality winter coat can be both warm and stylish without using any animal products.

Mammoth’s jackets are in direct competition with the ever-popular Canada Goose parkas, except that they feature extremely warm PrimaLoft Gold insulation, which retains heat in cold, wet conditions and still delivers the soft, cozy feeling of down. The interior is lined with warm flannel. The hood cords and back straps (built-in climate control!) are made at the same Toronto factory that has produced hockey skate laces for 100 years. If you’ve ever laced up a pair of skates in Canada, you’ve probably used that product before.

Elk Parka by Mammoth Outerwear© Mammoth

The jackets, all designed and made in Canada, come in bomber and parka styles, for both men and women. As company founder and Toronto Argonauts linebacker James Yurichuk explains in the promotional video for Kickstarter, they are not bulky, so you won’t have to look like the Michelin Man while keeping warm!

In addition to preventing the further use of animal products, Mammoth will donate $10 from every purchase toward the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals.

Mammoth has launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that reached its initial $50,000 target within two weeks and is now nearing $100,000. The campaign wraps up on December 24, which means there’s only one day left to get in on the fabulous rewards. By helping to fund the project, you could have a gorgeous winter jacket in your closet by February 2016. Last minute Christmas gift, anyone?

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