Man calls North Yorkshire police over ‘suspicious’ Tesco van

Man calls police over ‘suspicious’ Tesco van
A man was worried after he spotted a Tesco delivery van on his road (Picture: REXMAILPIX)

A worried resident called police to report a ‘suspicious’ Tesco van parked in the street.

But when he was told by the emergency operator that it was most probably a delivery being made, the caller snapped: ‘People in this village don’t shop at Tesco.’

The call was one of many strange ones received by North Yorkshire police.

Chief Inspector Mike Walker said anyone who misused the number could be prosecuted.

‘Some of the calls we receive, both on 999 or 101 are not police related matters,’ he said.

‘The time spent on these calls, should be spent helping members of the community who need us most.

‘Time spent dealing with callers who are using the system inappropriately, could mean a call handler is not free to deal with an emergency, potentially leading to a tragic outcome.’

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