Man jumps off 100ft bridge in Wales in new WetNominate craze

A video has emerged of a young man backflipping off a bridge 30m (100ft) into a river – in what is a dangerous alternative to the NekNominate drinking game.

Jamie Price, who was stripped to his underwear, lost control after jumping from the road and landed with a bellyflop that he said ‘stung like f***’.

Although the 21-year-old emerged uninjured, his ‘nominated’ friends are now desperate to upstage him. One claimed he was going to dive off the Severn Bridge.

WetNominate is a thing - and here's why it's so dangerous
Jamie Price, 21, who is seen attempting to backflip from a 100ft high bridge (Picture: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

Price, from Aberdare, south Wales, was ‘competing’ in WetNominate, an internet craze which began with people pouring a bucket of cold water over their head and daring others to do the same.

But the challenges have become riskier – prompting a Facebook user to describe it as ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

They added: ‘This is mad. If the worst happened, a young person’s life is over.’

Jamie Price, 21, who is seen attempting to backflip from a 100ft high bridge after taking part in a dangerous new craze called Wet Nominate. He is pictured here jumping from the bridge © WALES NEWS SERVICE

MPs and the police are urging teenagers not to participate in WetNominate.

The hugely controversial NekNominate game involved downing large quantities of alcohol quickly. One victim, Stephen Brooks, died after allegedly downing most of a bottle of vodka at a party in Cardiff.

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