Man ‘stabs colleague who stole meatball from his lunch’ in Fallston, Maryland

Man 'stabs colleague who stole meatball from his lunch'
Someone was allegedly stabbed for stealing a meatball (Picture: YouTube)

This is no Lady and the Tramp moment.

A worker was reportedly so angry at his colleague for stealing one of his meatballs he stabbed him in the arm.

The altercation occurred at a business in Fallston, Maryland, on Thursday, the Baltimore Sun reported.

When police arrived at the scene they were told a 36-year-old man had reportedly been cut because he plucked the meatball from his co-worker’s food during lunch.

Luckily the alleged victim didn’t suffer any serious injuries but police are still looking for the 31-year-old suspect, who ran off before they arrived.

It certainly wasn’t like Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, where a couple lovingly shared their spaghetti and meatballs.

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