Man stabs wife because she ‘hogged the bed sheets and left him with cold feet’

An enraged husband stabbed his wife in the back because she hogged the bed sheets and left him with cold feet, a court heard yesterday.

Derek Miller attacked his spouse of 11 years, Galina, as she took the bins out, telling her: ‘You will die now.’

However, the retired engineer failed to stop the 57-year-old escaping and running to a friend for help.

Miller dialled 999, telling police: ‘I have just attempted to kill my wife. She’s run away – I have failed.’

Man stabs wife because she ‘hogged the bed sheets and left him with cold feet’
At least he’s honest (Picture:

He was convicted of wounding with intent at Portsmouth crown court but cleared of attempted murder.

The couple’s marriage had been ‘on the rocks’ for a while, with each accusing the other of having an affair.

They had tried to patch things up the night before the attack, as Miller cooked his wife dinner and bought ‘the biggest bunch of flowers he could find’.

But his cold feet were the last straw, instantly making him ‘angry and aggressive towards Galina’, prosecutor Rob Welling told the jury.

Mrs Miller did not hear her husband enter the kitchen and was only aware she had been stabbed when she turned to find him clutching the 25cm (10in) blade. She managed to push him to the floor and escaped their Old Portsmouth home after the attack on November 26.

Miller, 76, later told police: ‘I’m sorry, it had to be done. She has goaded me for years.’

He will be sentenced today.


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