Manon Slomkowski: Watch this woman with one paralysed arm get ready in the morning, it’s incredible

Rising from your slumber and throwing your clothes on while still rubbing sleep out of the corner of your eyes is such a pain, isn’t it?

Well imagine trying to do it all with one arm.

Manon Slomkowski was in a motorbike accident in Paris last year, and although she survived her life was forever changed.

She suffered from brachial plexus palsy (nerve damage in her arm), which left her unable to move the limb.

Despite having two surgeries already, Manon has little chance of regaining the use of her arm, and she even suffers from phantom limb pain – a condition in which she believes she can feel pain in her left arm due to the nerve damage yet can do nothing to relieve it.

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Watch this woman with one paralysed arm get ready in the morning, it's incredible
Putting on a bra is just one of the many challenges Manon faces every morning (Picture: Youtube)

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‘When I first came back from the hospital, I remember going up to my room and bursting into tears,’ she said.

Not wanting her condition dominate her life, Manon says she has learn’t to live with her paralysed arm, but as the video demonstrates, even simple tasks such as dressing herself can be extremely difficult.

She said: ‘You can see in my video, for instance, the solution for my bra: one of my friends, who is able-bodied, gave it to me, because I was tired of always waiting for somebody to help me hook it up!

‘I have always hated somebody else helping me do something or doing it for me. This encouraged me to make an effort to support myself.’

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