Manxiety is a real thing thanks to the body-conscious world we live in

Manxiety is a real thing thanks to the body-conscious world we live in
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Jealous of your mate’s dench bod? Then you’re probably suffering from manxiety.

Millions of British men have a dissatisfaction with their body image, according to a new report.

For being the butt of their mate’s jokes, getting undressed in front of more attractive men and feeling the need to live up to super-fit celebrities and models all contribute to men’s overall lack of body confidence, the latest research shows.

In addition, being compared to an ex-partner or even a sibling can make men doubt their own good looks and desirability.

The countrywide survey of 2,500 men revealed almost half (48 per cent) desperately want to lose weight and two in five (41 per cent) want to tone up, while 54 per cent are most unhappy with their midriff.

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Top 10 causes of manxiety

  • Having to uncover on a beach when surrounded by other fit blokes – 20%
  • Being teased by mates about my appearance – 19%
  • Watching films or TV with attractive men with good bodies in – 16%
  • Seeing pictures of men in advertising and media with bodies they feel they will never be able to achieve – 16%
  • Being in a sports changing room with younger or more attractive men – 14%
  • My friends having good bodies – 13%
  • My partner looking at images of men with bodies I feel I could never achieve – 7%
  • Being compared to my partner’s ex-partners – 4%
  • My partner having a really good body – 4%
  • Being compared to my siblings – 3%

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A major complaint shared by those suffering with ‘manxiety’ is watching films or television which constantly feature unrealistically attractive men with good bodies, and around one in 16 say this is made worse when their partner looks at images of men with fantastic bodies they don’t feel they could ever achieve.

Another thing which bothers blokes is that fact that, in their opinion, most of their mates have great bodies.

Jenni Bamford, spokeswoman for Jacamo menswear, which conducted the survey, said: ‘The idea of having a ‘perfect’ body is an unrealistic and unobtainable ideal that can have long-lasting consequences for people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

‘We hope ‘The Modern Man-ual’ gives men the chance to talk about their concerns about body image along with encouraging a conversation around how retailers, advertisers and the media portray men to better reflect the diversity of the healthy male population.

‘With more than 24 million men in Britain, it can only help to normalise this topic with both men and those influential in his life.’


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