Massive Oil Spill in Monterrey, Mexico Threatens Water Supply and Agriculture

Cassius Methyl (LiveFreeLiveNatural)

In Monterrey, Mexico, the third largest city in the country, a massive oil spill now poses several threats to the people of the area.

The corporate media does not illustrate much about the situation, it’s implications, how the oil spill happened, or the history of environmental disasters in the area and the corruption that is responsible.

The oil spill occurred in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, where approximately 4000 barrels of crude oil spilled into the San Juan River.

It is now estimated that over 15 thousand tons of oil have been poured into this river. Image credit:

The pollution unfortunately may reach El Cuchillo dam, which provides water for the people of Monterrey.

On August 6th, this same corporation, Grupo México, was responsible for spilling over ten million gallons of copper sulphate acid solution into the Sonora and Bacanuchi Rivers.

Local people received severe chemical burns. It is unclear whether or not the corporation offered any aid at all; it sounds like they did not.

An Anti-Media correspondent who lives in Monterrey, Juan Baltazar, had this to say about the situation;

“I think the first problem is that the drug cartels are stealing the oil, they open the metal tube of oil and rob it all, but they also let it drain carelessly and some of that goes into the water, on accident or not.

Pemex is the lord of the oil in Mexico, or Petreleo Mexicano.  In a little town I heard they blocked the water access to try to buy the area and the population didn’t let them.

The water pollution affects the agriculture, they need clean water to produce fruits and vegetables, you know now some fruits like oranges are very expensive, the production and the workers, all that circle of production relies on clean water, so it is often speculated that their contamination of the water is intentional.

This isn’t the first time something like this happened. In the state of Sonora, a corporation spilled acid into a river, and many think it was intentional.  “

There are countless implications of this, and unfortunately the coming scarcity of water in Monterrey benefits the corporations who have things the people need, such as water, and prices of everything are likely to be raised.

The immorality of contaminating vital resources like this with impunity goes far beyond words.

Please share this with as many people as possible. Many people have no idea what is going on in Monterrey.

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