Maths teacher Tom O’Neill paralysed by ‘man flu’

I was left paralysed by bout of 'man flu'
(Picture: Caters)

Usually ‘man flu’ involves a runny nose and a day off work.

But Tom O’Neill was temporarily paralysed after a bout of the sniffles.

The maths teacher thought he picked up the bug from a pupil – and was told by wife Hayley, 28, to stop exaggerating.

But days later, he could not move his legs and briefly slipped into a coma, after the cold triggered a rare nerve condition.

‘I thought I just had a bad cold – my wife and I even joked it was a bad bout of “man flu”,’ he said. ‘It did get quite bad and I went to a couple of walk-in centres, but the staff there just told me I had a virus, so I thought I’d best man up.’

Mr O’Neill, 27, was struck down by Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which affects 1,500 people in Britain each year.

‘I lost all the feeling in my hands and feet, then my legs and forearms. Then it got the point where I was almost completely paralysed. I was gasping for air.’

After being struck down in October, the sports fanatic from Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham, has learned to walk again and is ready to go back to work.

‘The nurses told me it was one of the most severe cases they’d seen but it was also one of the fastest recoveries because I was in such good shape before,’ he said.

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