Matthew Gibson confesses to murder of woman in Bullhead City Arizona after becoming convinced Walmart was blackmailing him

Man confesses to murder after series of strange letters from Walmart
After several creepy letters from Walmart, Matthew Gibson confessed to a decades old crime (Picture: Bullhead City Police Dept)

A man from North Carolina traveled across the United States to Arizona to confess to a murder committed 17 years ago.

The reason? He thought he was being blackmailed by letters and texts from Walmart.

55-year-old Matthew Gibson told a detective in Winslow, Arizona, that he had met a woman one night in 1997 in Bullhead City, near the Colorado River.

Gibson, who claimed to be addicted to cocaine and methamphetamine at the time, said the woman created a scene when she refused to leave his trailer.

He told police that he then bludgeoned the women to death with a flashlight, before disposing of her body in anearby river.

Gibson’s decision to confess came about when he started receiving text alerts and prescription letters from Walmart addressed to Anita Townshed.

Believing the name to be that of the woman he murdered, he assumed somebody was blackmailing him, and that a bounty had been put on his head.

Fearing for his life, he made the trip to Arizona to confess. Police believe the crime would have remained unsolved were Gibson to not come forward.

Gibson intends to plead guilty to manslaughter and begin his 10-year sentence right away.

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