Max Stossel, friend of Everest avalanche victim Dan Fredinburg posts the heartbreaking letter he never got to read

Friend of Everest avalanche victim posts the heartbreaking letter he never got to read
Max’s note to his friend Dan. Click to enlarge (Picture: Facebook)

A friend of the Google employee who died in the avalanche on Mt Everest has posted an image of the touching letter his pal never got to read.

Dan Fredinburg, 33, was one of the three American climbers killed after the huge earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday triggered a devastating avalanche on Mt Everest.

Many of his friends and family members wrote him letters and urged him not to read them before he reached the summit.

Now his loved ones, including his girlfriend, will never know if he read their heartfelt messages or not before his tragic death.

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Max Stossel, one of the friends who penned a letter to Dan, posted an image of the note along with a tribute to his friend to Facebook.

Dan (Picture: Facebook)
Dan (Picture: Facebook)

Max Stossel’s note to Dan Fredinburg

Dan (dan dan dan)

You must be really high up for this written Echo (echo echo). Everyone you know and love is eventually going to die (die die die). When we do, we leave behind our stories.

Those stories are told and passed on, impacting the lives of others until they are stories (stories stories stories).

Your story has already greatly impacted mine for the better. With each adventure you return with stories that most people wouldn’t dream of experiencing themselves (selves selves selves).

Thank you for pushing the human race to be greater, more daring, and to truly live life rather than survive it (it it it).

I love you, brother. Please return safely with stories (stories stores).

And even if you don’t… We’ll all be horrified, saddened, and heartbroken, that we can’t create new stories with you but we’ll also know that you’ve already lived the equivalent of at least 100 lifetimes.

You are a f****** champion.

Safe, wonderful & breathtaking journey.

Love, Max Stossel (ossel ossel).

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Along with the note, Max’s tribute to Dan called him ‘one of the most wonderful human beings any of us would ever have the pleasure of knowing’.

He added: ‘Someone who created fun and mischief out of thin air. Someone who broke up fights by walking into the middle of them and dancing with both fighters. Someone who I think about almost every day, through the lens of “What would Dan do?”.’

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