Meet The Owl With Eyes Like The Night Sky

We all know it can be impossible not to immediately fall in love with cute, fluffy animals with big eyes that melt away your soul. But Zeus takes this to another level.

Zeus is a blind Western screech owl whose eyes truly look like twinkling galaxies. It’s almost impossible to stop gazing into them. 

His starry eyes are probably due to a vitreous abnormality which is commonly described as vitreous veils or strands. Eyes are filled with a clear gel called vitreous humor, but sometimes cells or strands of the gel can clump together so that they are less transparent than the rest of the gel. Zeus also doesn’t appear to have an iris or lens, so his lack of eyesight means that he can’t be released into the wild. His current home is with Wildlife Learning Center founder Paul Hahn. 


[Hat tip: io9]

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