Men more likely than women to travel back in time and kill Hitler, study shows

Men more likely than women to travel back in time and kill Hitler, study shows
Would you kill a young Hitler before he came to power? (Picture: REX)

It’s a classic moral quandary.

If you could, would you travel back in time and kill a young Hitler?

Researchers from the U.S., Canada and Germany conducted a meta-analysis of 40 studies that included 6,100 particpants, who were asked this question and others, all of which related to morality.

In the classic ‘Would you kill Hitler?’ scenario, both men and women acknowledged the consequences of the action, but women were far more conflicted than men about actually committing the murder.

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‘Women seem to be more likely to have this negative, emotional, gut-level reaction to causing harm to people in the dilemmas, to the one person, whereas men were less likely to express this strong emotional reaction to harm,’ Rebecca Friesdorf, who led the study, said.

Friesdorf, along with Paul Conway, a postdoctoral fellow in psychology at the University of Cologne, and Bertram Gawronski, a psychology profession at the University of Texas at Austin, were looking at gender differences in moral dilemma judgments.

Of course, the ‘kill Hitler’ moral question doesn’t consider whether the seeds of Nazism had already been planted in Germany, and whether killing Hitler would stop National Socialism taking hold.

But that’s isn’t really the point.

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