Mercury Retrograde In Virgo: Setting New Standards For Ourselves

The planet Mercury is now retrograde in Virgo. It began on August 30th/31st, a few days before a Solar Eclipse in the same sign, and will last until September 21st/22nd, depending on your location.

From our perspective on Earth, it looks as if Mercury is going backwards because of the relationship between both Earth’s and Mercury’s orbit around the Sun. Accordingly, astrologers observe and interpret retrograde planets in a unique way compared to when they appear to be forward moving. Retrogrades are recognized as a time when we are reworking how we orientate ourselves with the themes and energies of that specific planet in a specific sign.

Mercury started its pre-retrograde phase on August 10th; therefore certain things that have been put in place or events that have occurred, between then and the 30th, will influence the following three weeks of the retrograde itself. This is an insightful time, as we need to pay careful attention to what the universe is trying to show us in order to help us proceed forward once the retrograde has ended.

Mercury Retrograde: Changes, Errors, Chaos, Insights, Revisitation, and Transformation

Mercury rules over all types of communication, whether it is writing, speaking, reading, social media interactions, communication technology, or any other method of transmitting information. It also rules commuting and driving, as well as moving parts, such as those found in cars. During Mercury retrograde periods, there are more noticeable errors, disruptions, breakdowns, and complications with all of these things, and this is what Mercury Retrograde has become famous for.

merc-rx-glyph-embossed-smallerIt is a great time for revisiting, redoing, and reconnecting with people, projects, and circumstances from the past. It is generally not a good time for starting anything new, though this is not the case in every instance, as there are other factors and variables that need to be considered.

As mentioned above, there is also a deeper and more meaningful purpose to each Mercury retrograde. It is an opportunity to reflect and gain insight about how to respond to any challenging circumstances we may face. Mercury retrograde is also a time when our intuition can be heightened. The more we tune in, then, the fewer complications should arise that try to shift our attention.

Traditionally, Mercury is the planet of alchemy. During its retrograde periods, circumstances that are occuring help us make necessary changes and, in some cases, transformations serving our personal evolution. For each individual, different Mercury retrograde periods will be more significant than others in this regard.

This Retrograde Is Occurring In Virgo With Solar Eclipse In The Same Sign

This is the 3rd of a series of Mercury Retrograding in Earth signs that will last until September 2017. The Earth element is associated with practicality, resourcefulness, dependability, foundation, and material/financial resources.

Virgo is about efficiency, productivity, skills, daily routine, lifestyle, health, cleanliness, and organization. As a mutable Earth sign, it is about being able to adapt in achieving different physical tasks.

vir-glyph-embossedThis retrograde period marks a time for us to really make the necessary adjustments in these areas. Since last year, there has been a big Virgo emphasis (due to Jupiter and North Node); combined with a lot of other mutable energy, this has left many of us feeling overwhelmed with so much to do. This month can also be a time to learn new skills and/or really get a grasp on whatever we need to do to make our lives more efficient, productive, organized, and/or healthy.

In the week leading up to this Mercury retrograde, I have found myself learning more about Feng Shui. It is an ancient Chinese system of arranging your space/environment that helps energy flow better which ultimately creates more harmony. This can help you to feel more clear, be more efficient, and attract more fortunate circumstances in different areas of your lives. Feng Shui is something that many people should consider applying during this time.

As mentioned above, a Solar Eclipse is occurring in the same sign on September 1st, which will also largely impact this month and the rest of the year. We had one last September in Virgo as well. Solar Eclipses are a time of shifts and of new beginnings, which will usually occur sometime during a 6-7 month window, 6 weeks before and up to 6 months following. These shifts will be related to all of the Virgo themes mentioned above.

Jupiter and Venus Entering Libra, Saturn Finishing Off Square With Neptune

Venus entered Libra a few days before this retrograde started and will be there until a day after it ends. Jupiter also enters Libra on September 9th and will be there for a year. For many people, the Virgoan adjustments being made during September may be connected to a love partnership, our social lives, or a creative project.

Saturn has been square Neptune since Fall 2015 and it will be making its final aspect this month. It will also be in a tough aspect with the eclipse. This brings on a theme of needing to get realistic — either we make our dreams and visions into reality, we consider our limitations, or we abolish them altogether.

The Journey Of Mercury Retrograde – Significant Dates

For each interpretation below, the earlier dates pertain more to those in the Western part of the world, like the Americas, Western Europe, and Africa, and the later dates to those in Eastern parts of the world, such as Eastern Europe, Asia, and Oceania. In some cases, certain people may notice some of these effects during the days just outside of the written duration.

August 30th/31st – Mercury is stationary and slowly starts to appear as if it is moving backwards. Many people experience the more typical retrograde complications during this period. Avoid taking on any major mental tasks during this time. It is best to take it easy mentally and possibly even meditate to help you tune in to this shift in energy.

September 2nd/3rd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Some people may be overwhelmed with so many things to do, yet this can be a good time to learn any lessons, skills, or techniques on efficiency, organization, productivity, and health.

September 10th/11th – Mercury is opposite Chiron while Saturn is in a final square with Neptune, and Venus is square Pluto. Our blocks and tensions can really surface at this time and we may need to face reality head on. This can be an intense time for relationships. In some cases, this can also be a powerful time for putting in hard work and effort towards creative and spiritual endeavours, especially if they were initiated before this retrograde period.

September 12th/13th – Mercury conjunct the Sun in a tough square with Mars. This is the most significant period of the retrograde. It can be a very insightful time but also has the potential to be chaotic as well. We may feel scattered in how we are asserting ourselves and be win-reading-ad-3easily angered when things aren’t going right. Considering Mars is in Sagittarius, some people may find themselves in debates or conflicts over beliefs. However it goes for you, pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you.

September 16th/17th – Lunar Eclipse in Pisces conjunct Chiron, in a wide opposition to Mercury. The effects of this eclipse started in the month prior and will largely influence the months following. Lunar Eclipses are a time when something changes — in many cases a significant ending. With Chiron  involved, there is a potential here to let go of certain blocks and overcome inadequacies that have been hindering how effective, organized, and healthy we need to be at this time in our lives. There is a strong connection between this date and what has occurred on September 10th/11th. Chiron also shows potential for us to tap into our gifts better.

September 19th-25th – Mercury is trine Pluto in Capricorn when the retrograde is finishing and Mercury starts moving forward. This can be a great time for deep thoughts, insights, and/or powerful conversations. Some people may experience a positive development around money and/or something work/career related.  Mercury retrograde ends on September 22nd/23rd and at this time, as well as the week following, we start to understand how we need proceed with everything we’ve experienced.

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