Metal retailer designs gadget-heavy sleigh for Santa


We’re now in the final run-up to Christmas, so understandably every company out there is trying to associate itself with the festive season. Even if it is a trade retailer of metal goods. So check out this sleigh, designed by Metals4U.


The “Gadget Sleigh 900″ is envisaged as a sleigh that packs all modern conveniences, such as GPS, parking sensors, a camera to guide it to chimneys, and heated seats. The press release suggests that the sleigh, which doesn’t actually exist, comes with “added made-to-measure technical features including a convertible roof and eco-friendly rocket boosters. The streamlined design allows for maximum efficiency and productivity.”


Endearingly, Metals4U has even listed the Sleigh on its web store, complete with a review from Rudolph. And its a bargain at only £199,995.

By James O’Malley | December 10th, 2014

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