Meyagi Baker: ‘Mugger’ falls asleep in middle of armed robbery

'Mugger' falls asleep in middle of armed robbery
Meyagi Baker fell asleep during the robbery, police say (Picture: Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office)

If you’re planning a day of mugging people at gunpoint, it’s probably best you get a good night’s sleep before.

A dozy teenager was caught after falling asleep in the middle of his alleged crime, police in New Orleans say.

Meyagi Baker, 17, is accused of forcing a 60-year-old man to withdraw money, he claims he was owed, from an ATM.

Police say the suspect then demanded the rest of what was left in his victim’s account, but fell asleep before he received it, according to WDSU.

The man then called the police and Baker was arrested.

A new ‘world’s dumbest criminal’ contender? He’s up there with this guy. 

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