Microsoft buys VoloMetrix to boost data analytics in Office 365

Microsoft's acquisition of VoloMetrix will see organisational analytics added to Office 365

Microsoft is to acquire analytics firm VoloMetrix in a move designed to aid productivity in organisations by injecting more data analysis into Office 365.

VoloMetrix provides analytics that give companies an insight into processes and performance, and the purchase will boost Microsoft’s Delve Organisational Analytics currently slated for early preview in October.

Rajesh Jha, corporate vice president of Outlook and Office 365 at Microsoft, revealed the acquisition on the Microsoft blog.

He said it will help Microsoft bolster the extent to which productivity and behavioural data collected through Office 365 and Office Graph can prioritise time and resources.

“By harnessing this data – while maintaining strict privacy controls – customers can create personalised feedback loops that help people answer questions like: How can I improve my emails to ensure my communications are impactful? Am I spending my time focused on my priorities? Do I have the right people and expertise in my network to accomplish my project?” he wrote.

Jha explained that analysis of such data can help workers to be more effective with time and resources.

“Even small improvements in a person’s day-to-day effectiveness can add up to significant value for an organisation and greater employee happiness. Today, most of us don’t have the tools and information to help us make better decisions about our scarcest resource at work: our time,” he said.

“Giving people access to real data and objective, personalised feedback can lead to a virtuous cycle of improvement for individuals and their company.”

Microsoft had not revealed the financial details of the acquisition at the time of writing, despite V3‘s request, and neither company has said how the acquisition will affect VoloMetrix’s organisational structure.

However, VoloMetrix chief executive Ryan Fuller said that the company will continue building new capabilities into its products, indicating that business will continue as normal for VoloMetrix for the time being, but with access to Microsoft’s worldwide reach.

“Microsoft has a huge vision to reinvent productivity and a set of assets in Office 365 that are fundamental to how work gets done. By joining them we will be able to continue to pursue our shared mission and have impact at a staggering global scale,” he said.

The acquisition follows Microsoft’s strategy of using data analytics with its cloud-based software products to empower businesses and individuals to be more productive and drive performance through insight gleaned from big data.

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