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Mimicker Alarm


Alarm clocks are almost by definition sadistic devices. But Mimicker, developed by an engineer from Microsoft’s Garage¬†skunkworks, takes that to almost unbearable levels.¬†

Mimicker is an Android app that only stops bothering you once you’ve completed a complex task to its satisfaction.

The app takes its name from its default alarm task, which has you take a photo of yourself making an odd face, which you’ll then have to replicate for its camera before it’ll shut itself off. Other puzzles require to you enunciate a tongue twister or play a ‘capture the colour’ game that asks you to select which part of a photo matches the colour Mimicker asks you to identify.

While Mimicker torments you into wakefulness, there’s some interesting use of Microsoft’s Project Oxford Artificial Intelligence APIs going on in the background.

  • The Emotion API¬†identifies whether the expression you’re trying to match is happy, sad, or infuriated at being woken at six the morning.
  • The Speech API uses speech recognition to work out if you’re repeating Mimicker’s tongue twisters accurately, or just swearing at your phone.
  • The Computer Vision API is used to decide which colour you’re supposed to be spotting as a viable alternative to hiding under the bedclothes.

Deliberately awkward alarm clocks are an enduring trend, from Clocky, the wheeled alarm clock that runs away and hides after going off, to a wealth of cheap flying alarm clocks that launch a propeller section that you have to retrieve and jam back into them if you want any peace.

Mind you, at least Mimicker isn’t as harsh as The Tyrant, an alarm clock that randomly calls one of your phone contacts every three minutes until you get up to stop it.

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