Microsoft Windows 8.1 security update deadline arrives

Windows 8.1 Update showing taskbar

The deadline for consumers using Windows 8.1 machines to upgrade to the latest Windows 8.1 Update has arrived, meaning those who fail to move to the latest version of the platform are at risk from any future security issues.

Microsoft extended the deadline to upgrade in May in order to give another 30 days for people to ensure they installed the 8.1 Upgrade, landing on 10 June.

Users with automatic updates turned on will have moved to the new platform already, so only those with it turned off could be affected.

“Consumer customers who do not update their Windows 8.1 devices to the Windows 8.1 Update by this new deadline will no longer receive updates,” warned senior communications manager for Microsoft, Brandon LeBlanc, last month.

The situation is not so critical for business users on Windows 8.1 as they have until August 12 to move to the Update for Windows 8.1 platform. This also includes Windows Server 2012 R2.

Microsoft has instigated the move to reduce the amount of versions of Windows 8 it has to support, and no doubt to try to avoid a situation similar to Windows XP whereby users stuck with an ageing operating system due to ongoing support from Microsoft

Confusingly, though, users still on Windows 8, and not 8.1, will still receive updates, so only those that have moved to Windows 8.1 are being forced to update. This is the same for Windows Server 2012 users, compared to those running the R2 upgrade.

This could be due to early business adopters of Windows 8 who have not pushed through company-wide updates to Windows 8.1, compelling Microsoft to provide ongoing support, although this could well change in the future.

The deadline falls on the same day that Microsoft will release its latest Patch Tuesday set of fixes for its various operating systems. This is usually made public late evening UK time, and V3 will have a report on the latest fixes tomorrow.

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