Microsoft’s week: Dodgy Windows 10 downloads, US government clash, and Cortana for Android


Microsoft has had a busy and controversial week, having been forced to admit that it has been downloading Windows 10 files to user laptops and PCs without permission, and clashing with the US government over instructions to hand over data in its Dublin data centre.

The company also launched a beta version of Cortana for Android, revealed an initiative with Dell to push Windows 10 and Surface Pro tablets into the enterprise arena, and patched 12 flaws in Edge, Office and IE. 

Microsoft downloading Windows 10 files without user permission

Lenovo AIO 700 with Windows 10

Microsoft admitted that it is downloading the system installation files for Windows 10 to users’ machines even when they have not asked for the upgrade.

The INQUIRER was contacted by one of its readers who said they had found system installation files for Windows 10 on their machine, which took up a significant 3.5GB of space. The download takes effect if a user has Windows Updates on as default, which ensures that security patches are installed automatically.

Microsoft and US government clash in court over cloud data demands

Cloud computing security

Microsoft clashed with the US government in court over whether it should have to hand over data stored on its servers overseas.

The case is the latest appeal filed by Microsoft, which is being required to hand over data stored in its Dublin data centre. The company has twice refused, putting itself in contempt of court.

Microsoft launches Cortana for Android beta

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft announced that the Cortana virtual assistant is now available to all Android smartphone users as a beta version.

“If you are currently a Windows 10 user, you already know the benefits of Cortana. The Cortana app on Android is the companion to your Windows 10 PC, extending Cortana’s functionality across any device you carry, everywhere you go,” said Susan Hendrich, principal programme manager lead at Microsoft.

Microsoft buys Adallom to bolster cloud software security

Adallom logo

Microsoft revealed its acquisition of cloud security firm Adallom in a move to bolster the identity management capabilities of its cloud-based software.

The acquisition will enable Microsoft to use Adallom’s software to improve the security features of cloud software such as Office 365.

Microsoft signs Dell to sell and support the Surface Pro to businesses

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 blue

Microsoft announced an initiative to drive Windows 10 adoption and its Surface Pro tablet devices in the enterprise sector by working with Dell. The latter will sell and support the Surface Pro through its commercial sales channel.

The Surface Enterprise Initiative will focus on delivering greater mobility and productivity to organisations through the power of Windows 10, Microsoft said.

Microsoft issues 12 security fixes in Patch Tuesday release covering Edge, Office and IE

Microsoft Edge browser logo

Microsoft issued 12 security fixes in the latest Patch Tuesday release to address problems in Windows, Office, the new Edge browser and the perennial favourite, Internet Explorer.

Four of the updates are rated critical and eight important. The critical updates affect Internet Explorer (MS15-094), Microsoft Edge (MS15-095), Microsoft Graphics Component (MS15-097) and Windows Journal (MS15-098).

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