Microsoft’s week: Exchange Server 2016, Google patent truce and Azure enhancements

This week saw a number of key product and service announcements from Microsoft, including the release of Exchange Server 2016, the latest version of its widely used email server platform.

Meanwhile, Microsoft detailed a number of additions to its cloud platform at the firm’s AzureCon event, addressing big data analytics processing, security and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Microsoft also found time to declare a patent truce with Google, and rebuff claims that it is invading user privacy with Windows 10 and Cortana.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 has eye on the cloud


Microsoft has officially released Exchange Server 2016, the next version of its email server platform for deployment behind the firewall, but with the promise of bringing some of the cloud technology from Office 365 to a customer’s on-premise environment. 

Microsoft Azure cloud platform gets updates for big data, security and IoT

Windows Azure logo

Microsoft has announced several products for Azure that allow the cloud platform to better tap into the IoT and enable improved app deployments.

Microsoft details expanded Azure Data Lake tools for big data in the cloud

Big data

Microsoft has expanded on its big data cloud services with Azure Data Lake Analytics, a new toolset to be released as a preview later this year along with Azure Data Lake Store. The firm also announced the availability of Azure HDInsight running on Ubuntu Linux.

Microsoft: We are not violating the privacy of Windows users


Microsoft has moved to reassure Windows users that their private data is not at risk, following reports about invasive data collection policies.

Google and Microsoft reach truce after five years of patent war

Ebay agreements

Google and Microsoft have agreed to a patent battle truce, ending five years of legal disputes concerning mobile, WiFi, software and other technologies.

Microsoft adds translation features into Skype desktop app for Windows

Skype desktop app gains translation features

Microsoft is integrating translation features for Skype directly into the desktop version of the communications app, opening it up to users of Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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