Microsoft’s week: Windows 10 arrives

This week in the world of Microsoft has all been about Windows 10, as the company officially launched the next major release of its operating system and began rolling it out as an update to customers who had pre-registered to reserve a copy to download.

Things did not go entirely without a hitch, however, as problems surfaced earlier in the week with Microsoft’s new delivery model for patches and updates in Windows 10, and security concerns grew over a new WiFi Sense feature that lets users automatically share wireless access keys with friends.

Windows 10 launches worldwide as free upgrade, 14 million installs

Windows 10 is available now as a free upgrade

Windows 10 has now officially launched in 190 countries around the world. Anyone with a Windows 7 or 8.1 machine can upgrade to the new version of the software for free.

Within 24 hours Microsoft said there had been 14 million installations of Windows 10 as it staggers downloads to ensure the update processes is as smooth as possible.

Microsoft Windows 10 reviewWindows 10 desktopWindows 10 is the touch-enabled Windows that users have been waiting for, fixing many of the gripes with Windows 8 and offering a better experience on modern hardware. Read our review to find out the full details.

Windows 10 update problems surface ahead of big launch

Windows 10 demo of Continuum feature

Problems with the new Windows Update mechanism in Windows 10 have come to light just before the official launch of the new platform, prompting Microsoft to release a tool that prevents some updates installing.

Windows 10 WiFi Sense feature faces security backlash

Windows 10 WiFi Sense screenshot

A Windows 10 WiFi feature that shares network passwords with email and social media contacts is facing a backlash after security experts raised a number of concerns with the service.

Microsoft releases Office Mobile Universal apps for Windows 10

Office Mobile apps for Windows 10

Following the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has officially made available the ‘Universal’ Office applications designed to run on Windows 10, and touted by the firm as ideal for Windows 10 tablets and small screen devices.

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