Microsoft’s week: Windows 10 update tool, XP refuses to die and Nano server coming

Key events in the sphere of all things Microsoft this week included a patch to facilitate upgrades to Windows 10, the opening up of the Azure Marketplace to more enterprise customers, and the revelation that Windows XP is still going strong a year after it was killed.

Microsoft pushes out update to prepare systems for Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 demo of Continuum feature

Microsoft has promised a free upgrade to Windows 10 for all users running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for a limited time, and the firm is preparing to deliver on this.

A recent patch delivered through Windows Update seems to be designed to notify users when Windows 10 is available and install it if required.

Windows XP is still running on millions of PCs one year after end of life

Microsoft Windows XP boxes on the assembly line in 2001

Figures show that Windows XP is still being used by millions worldwide, a year after Microsoft withdrew all support for the venerable platform. What’s more, it is running on more systems than Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined.

The Top 10 alternatives to Windows XP

Windows 10 announcement

Last year, the V3 team racked its brains to offer readers the best options for upgrading from Windows XP. In light of the fact that so many are still using it, we’ve updated our advice.

Microsoft opens Azure Marketplace to more enterprise customers

Windows Azure logo

On the cloud side of things, Microsoft announced that users of its Azure cloud platform will be able to access applications and services from the Azure Marketplace cloud app store even if they do not purchase directly from the software firm itself.

Microsoft joins the container game with Nano server and Docker support


Containers have been in the news for the past year or so for rapid deployment of applications and services in the data centre. The next version of Windows Server will support this with a slimmed-down Nano server role and Docker support.

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