Milkman, Shaun Dadds, fired after Jeremy Kyle appearance for sleeping with customers on milk round

Going on the Jeremy Kyle show is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved in the Greek tragedies that are played out in each episode.

For milkman, Shaun Dadds, his appearance on a segment entitled ‘is my husband cheating on his milk round?’ lead not only to a marital strife but also inspired his employers to fire him.

He was accused and later found by the show’s producers to have failed a lie-detector test regarding infidelity while delivering milk.

Dairy Crest terminated his contract just hours after his appearance due to him bringing the company into disrepute, with his wife even quoting their slogan during the broadcast.

The firm released this statement: ‘Dairy Crest and Milk&More have stringent employment and HR procedures in place.

‘We don’t comment on individual cases, but can confirm that all procedures were followed in this instance.’

Milkman fired after Jeremy Kyle appearance for 'cheating on milk round'
Shaun Dadds, 44 (Picture: YouTube)

Mr Dadds, 44, said: ‘I thought they’d give me a final warning.

‘It was worth it, even though I have lost my job, it saved my marriage.’

His wife, Anne-Marie, said of the repercussions: ‘I feel guilty. We’re left on benefits.’

They claim their marriage was put back on track by an eight-week counselling course provided by Jeremy Kyle and his show.

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(Picture: YouTube)
Anne Marie Dadds, 43 (Picture: YouTube)

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