Missing Isaac Nash Swept Away By ‘Massive Wave’

The father of a 12-year-old boy who went missing on Friday has described how a “massive wave” thwarted desperate attempts to save his son.

Rescue teams in Anglesey are continuing their search for Isaac Nash for a fourth day.

Adam Nash, 35, said he and the children’s grandfather, Paul, ran into the water at Aberffraw after the boys began to panic.

Mr Nash was able to save Xander, 10, but said his father emerged from the choppy waters bloodied, and told him: “I couldn’t save Isaac, I couldn’t save Isaac.”

He told The Huddersfield Daily Examiner: “When I saw that my dad had got to Isaac I realised that they were having trouble.

“Everything got loud and there was spray coming off the sea. I could sense they were panicking.

“I saw Isaac doing front crawl, trying to get back. He was very close to my dad and I thought they were fine, they are near the rocks, but then Xander was going out. I was really worried.”

Mr Nash described how he managed to fight to save his younger son from the waves, telling him to “swim with his legs” and “breathe, breathe, breath”.

“He (Xander) said he couldn’t swim anymore. I was exhausted too. I was having problems myself let alone supporting him. I thought I just don’t want to let go of him.”

Mr Nash said he made it back to shore but found his father “washed up on the rocks and just laid flat”.

He told The Examiner: “My dad came round and his face was just screwed up and there was blood dripping down him from his arms and legs. And he said: ‘I couldn’t save him, I couldn’t save him.’

“A massive wave hit Paul and Isaac and he couldn’t hold on to him. There was a lot of seaweed on the rocks which was very slippery and it would have been difficult to cling on to and get a grip.”

Isaac – who has been described as thrill-seeking, sporty and competitive – has still not been found, even though search teams from the RAF and RNLI have been scouring the area since Friday.

Adam Nash said his son was “a good swimmer – a strong, sporty lad”.

“I think he had seen a little area where you can swim near some rocks, I think he wanted to go onto them and look for barnacles.”

Although Isaac’s family, from Highburton, West Yorkshire, helped with the search along the shore on Saturday, they have since returned home.

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1 September 2014 | 11:49 am – Source: orange.co.uk

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