Missing Jedi cat is found by the RSPCA in Euston, London, 200 miles away from his home in Leeds

How did this cat travel 200 miles away from home by himself?
Did the force guide Obi Wan Catobi to London? (Picture: RSPCA Central and North East London Branch)

A cat that had been missing for nine weeks has been found more than 200 miles away from his home.

The brilliantly named Obi Wan Catobi was found by builders in a unfinished hotel near Euston train station on Thursday.

After the RSPCA caught the wayward moggie they discovered his microchip, which revealed he had travelled all the way from Leeds.

When they got in touch with owner Adam Williams, 32, he told them that Obi went missing in April after he moved house within the Leeds area.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Adam said: ‘How he got himself down there I have no idea.

‘Some people suggested a train, because the hotel was near Euston train station, but that would have meant him changing several times.’

Adam, who has since been reunited with Obi, said it would be unlikely that he hitched a ride in a vehicle, as the adventurous cat ‘hates getting in cars’.

RSPCA Central & North East London Branch, which is a separate organisation and funded entirely from collection boxes, say this incident highlights how important it is to microchip animals.

Even if Obi did use the train to get to London, he would have had to have Jedi-like powers to try and navigate the Tube.

At 200 miles Obi Wan Catobi's epic journey was almost twice the distance of the first stage of the Tour de France (Picture: File)
At 200 miles, Obi Wan Catobi’s epic journey was almost twice the distance of the first stage of the Tour de France (Picture: File)

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