Missing yacht: ‘Debris found’ in search for Cheeki Rafiki crew of Paul Goslin, Steve Warren, Andrew Bridge and James Male,

'Debris spotted' in Atlantic search for missing yacht
Cheeki Rafiki: Controllers check search pattern maps while trying to find the missing yacht (Picture: AP /Charles Krupa)

Small pieces of debris have reportedly been spotted in the Atlantic Ocean near where the Cheeki Rafiki yacht went missing.

They were seen by the captain of a charter yacht taking part in the search for four British crew members who have not been seen or heard from since May 16.

Patrick Michel, skipper of the Malisi, one of the volunteer crews helping with the search, told BBC Surrey: ‘We are currently just in the north part of the search area, our third night out here, and we did see during this night a few little [pieces of] debris.

‘I have reported [the debris] to the US Coast Guard with the times and positions, so there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.’

Missing yacht: 100,000 sign petition to resume search for Cheeki Rafiki crew
Missing crew final picture: The Cheeki Rafiki’s crew Steve Warren (left), Paul<br />Goslin (2nd left), Andrew Bridge (5th left) and James Male (6th left) (Picture: SWNS)

Paul Goslin, 56, Steve Warren, 52, Andrew Bridge, 22, and James Male, 23, were on board the yacht when it got into trouble and started taking on water 620 miles east of Cape Cod.

Yesterday, the RAF joined the search for the four British sailors.

A C-130 Hercules flew in to support two US and two Canadian aircraft offering aerial assistance to the fleet of volunteer ships already on the case.

Kay Coombes, Mr Warren’s sister, said: ‘We are waiting like everybody else and keep checking the internet for updates.

‘The last thing we were told was what happened this morning with the coastguard and RAF plane going out. We are just glued to the TV and the phone.’

Mr Goslin’s wife, Cressida, admitted the families of the missing had been through an ‘emotional roller coaster’ since their disappearance.

However, she praised the ‘fantastic’ support received by social media users and those who had signed the petition for the US to resume the search.

Meanwhile, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has defended Britain’s reaction to the situation, saying ministers had done ‘what people would rightly expect of the government’.

22 May 2014 | 7:26 am – Source: metro.co.uk

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