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Trying to cut CO2 by 30%

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre has announced that he wants to see Montreal become a leader in electric transportation, which would be part of a larger play to slash the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by a third over the next 5 years. He wants the city to have its own electric car sharing program, with as many as 250 EVs by next spring, and 1,000 by 2020. This would be a pretty big jump forward; the current car sharing leader in the city, Communauto, currently has a fleet of 40 electric cars, and has plans to have up to 60 by summer.

Montreal is a particularly good place for electrified transportation since the province of Quebec, where it is located, gets almost all of its electricity from hydropower, similarly to Norway, another cold corner of the world that is a per-capita leader in electric cars.


Charging infrastructure around the city would be part of this project, and those stations would be available to anyone with an electric vehicle, not just to the shared EVs. This could really help solved the chicken & egg problem for those who might not be able to charge at home (apartment dwellers and such).

Another incentive would be universal parking permits for those shared EVs, allowing them to park more easily.

Montreal will issue a call for interested parties to discuss the idea this June. Then, a call for proposals will be issued in the fall. Coderre said that the city is looking to partner with three companies to provide the charging stations.

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