Mooning builder faces £600,000 bill after launching vendetta against neighbours

Mooning builder faces £600,000 bill
 Dead rats and rubbish dumping over the years led to the couple’s huge legal bill (Picture: Cascade)

A husband and wife are facing a £600,000 legal bill after carrying out a vendetta against the owners of a stunning Lake District farmhouse.

Builder Steven Young and his wife Fiona face bankruptcy after losing a 12-day civil court case in which they were accused of harassment, trespass, nuisance, assault and slander.

The row began in 2009 in the hamlet of Blawith, near Coniston.

Peter Raymond, a retired solicitor, and wife Lesley, a diplomat, bought Lin Crag Farm, set in 24 acres, for £600,000 as a second home.

(Picture: Cascade)
The couple face bankruptcy following the case (Picture: Cascade)

What they didn’t realise was Lin Crag Farm had been in the family of their next-door neighbour, Mr Young, for many years – and he wanted it back.

Relations quickly soured after the Raymonds moved in next to the Youngs’ seven-bedroom cottage in 2009.

The Raymonds logged incidents of rubbish mounting up or being ‘thrown’ into their courtyard, the Youngs’ dog and guinea fowl trespassing and defecating on their property, and threats of dead rats being lined up on their land.

In one incident, Mr Young was captured sticking two fingers up at their CCTV camera and ‘mooning’.

Just weeks after the West Cumbria murders, when Derrick Bird shot 12 people, Mr Young, 53, told Mrs Raymond: ‘We can all be pushed further than we want to go. Look at that poor guy in Whitehaven.’ She recorded the confrontation.

After losing the case, a tearful Mrs Young, 48, denied they were vindictive, saying: ‘They have made Steven out to be this big, aggressive man and he’s not that at all. He’s a pussycat but there’s only so far you can be pushed.’

The judge ordered the Youngs to pay £196,000 damages and £200,000 in legal costs. They must also pay £200,000 for their own legal team.

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