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We love the Shed of the Year competition and concentrate on the eco-sheds, but there is so much neat stuff happening in the other categories in this most British of competitions. Some are really fancy and expensive architect-designed over-the-top numbers like The Shed submitted by Bryan Lewis Jones in the “unique” category. It apparently is “constructed to a very high standard with extensive ‘Eco’ credentials.” It also rotates to follow the sun. The owner told the South Wales Evening Post:

I didn’t know which way to face the new shed, so I came up with the idea of turning it into the sun and following it, plus it means we can see great views both ways. It takes a few minutes to do the 360 rotation, so not too fast, and you start it with a remote control key fob, a bit like a car. It’s also got wi-fi, TV and running water, and it’s a great place to sit and drink a glass of gin and watch the sun set.

More at Readersheds.

George Bernard Shaw also had a much more modest rotating shed.

The Village

The Village exterior© The village via Readershed

I am not sure that this should be called a shed at all. I tried to see if there was a size limitation, but Uncle Wilco simply says that sheds run “from the miniature to the massive, the modern to the traditional, the cosy to the minimal and everything in between.” The Village appears to be all of the above. When I think of a shed, I think of Mies Van der Rohe’s phrase “less is more”. This is more like the Morris Lapidus version: “too much is never enough.”

village corner© The village via Readershed

All the photos that were submitted to the Shed of the year competition show details and corners but when you go to Molly Micklethwait and Rufus White’s website you can see that this is a major operation with a factory and a workshop and more stuff than you ever saw in one place, it really is amazing but it ain’t no shed.

village interior© From the Factory

I think perhaps there should be a rule that if you can fit a grand piano in there then it is too big to be considered a shed. More carefully chosen photos at Readersheds.

Bespoke Summerhouse Aka The Beach Hut

beach hut© Beach Hut via Readershed

Now this is a shed, a lovely little thing built by Ilona out of old pallets and doors. But dig deeper and you find that not only does Ilona built a cute shed with just ” just the basics, a hand saw, a hammer and nails, screwdrivers and screws, a hand drill, a tape measure, and a can opener.” And that the 67 year old former truck driver writes a mean frugal living website, Life After Money, about how she downshifted.

You can do the same, there are a lot of people in my situation who are waking up to the fact that they can have total control over their lives. It’s all about recognising what is important to you. I have discovered a whole lot of ways I can make my money go further, how to save money on things I don’t need, and how to channel my limited income towards what is important.

Like a really nice little shed. More at Readersheds

Sci-fi Shed

scifished© Sci-Fi Shed via readershed

Luke: [on the Millenium Falcon] What a piece of junk!
Han Solo: She’ll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.

It may not make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, but it is still a lovely little thing, designed for a children’s play area in Nottingham.

cosplayers© Sci-Fi Shed via readershed

And really, you have to admire the cosplayers inside. More at Readershed.

See also….

Head on© Raisebury via Readershed

The remarkable and elaborate Raisebury, that can be hydraulically lifted in case of flood, shown on TreeHugger here and our detailed coverage of the ecosheds here.

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