More People Arrested for Feeding the Homeless in Florida

Jonathan Schoenfeld | November 14, 2014

(LiveFreeLiveNatural) After another series of “meaningful” elections, police are wasting no time cracking down on those violating new laws. Ninety year-old Fort Lauderdale man, Arnold Abbott, was arrested on charges of feeding the homeless multiple times. Abbott is a WWII veteran who fought to preserve our freedom and two ministers are now being told that they cannot provide food to those in need.

A city ordinance passed on October 22 regulates feeding the homeless outdoors while permitting feeding the homeless at houses of worship.

Arnold isn’t the only one facing potential jail time for his honorable efforts. Other advocates are being shutdown and arrested on behalf of the new ordinance. The most recent arrest include three volunteers with “Food Not Bombs“, that includes a 17 year old and a 25 year old. The seventeen year old was quoted saying,

“I was laughing. I thought you know this is a sick joke,” “They can’t stop us from feeding people.”

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler claims that the ordinance is supposed to make it safer and more accessible for the public, and that this is the law and they will continue to arrest those in violation of the law.

Just because something is a law doesn’t mean its justifiable. If the city was honestly interested in increasing safety, then they should have worked with the people and the organizations that have established means to feed homeless instead of creating regulations for something they know nothing about. This ordinance is a joke reflected by the whole system of government in its entirety!

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