More than 130,000 sign petition to save teenager’s life

More than 130,000 sign petition to save teenager's life
Matty needs urgent treatment (Picture:

More than 130,000 people have signed a petition to save a teenager’s life before it’s too late.

Matty Jones, 15, has the life-threatening condition Dense Deposit Disease (DDD).

It deteriorates his kidneys and could lead to organ failure.

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Matty’s petition

My son Matty, is a normal 15 year-old boy. He is intelligent, popular, loves to be active and has lots of friends.

Unfortunately he has a very rare and life-threatening condition called Dense Deposit Disease (DDD) which is slowly eating away at his Kidneys. Conventional therapies such as steroids have no effect on the condition and there is no recommended treatment available on the NHS.

Sometime soon Matty’s Kidneys will fail and he will be forced on to dialysis and then he will need a kidney transplant. That’s where the problems start though because – apart from the obvious risks of major surgery and organ rejection – the disease is likely to return and attack the new kidney.

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Now people are rallying together to get the NHS to prescribe him a drug called Eculizumab.

The drug is licensed for other rare diseases in the UK but not DDD.

The petition was launched on


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