Motorist scoops surprise jackpot after parking machine spits out £32 in coins

Parking ticket machine spews out coins into woman's hands
Jackpot! (But it wasn’t this machine that spat the cash) (Picture: File)

Most of us will begrudgingly stick a few quid in an overpriced parking meter when we’re out for the day.

But when a motorist in Essex paid £5 for an all-day permit, she got the kind of surprise that you’d usually expect from a pub fruit machine.

Stephanie Corder, from Rayleigh, was left stunned as the machine spat out £32 in coins, and had to gather the unexpected jackpot as it continued to fly out.

‘I had to scoop the money up to stop it falling on the floor’, she recalled to the BBC.

‘There was so much I had to keep taking it out and put in in my pocket – it just kept coming out – a bloke behind me said “you want to go and play the machines”.


She added: ‘He said I should keep it, but I couldn’t do that – it wasn’t my money so I just walked around to the police station.

‘The lady in there was a bit astonished as well’.

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Unsurprisingly, Rochford District Council didn’t let Ms. Corder keep her jackpot, but rewarded her with a day’s free parking to reward her honesty.

Councillor Mike Steptoe blamed the jackpot on an ‘unusual technical fault’, but said it was ‘resolved very quickly’.


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